Pre-wedding shoot in Chennai is always associated with Mahabalipuram, here are few shots done by us at the Shore temple in Mahabalipuram and some surroundings. These pics were taking from dawn till breakfast, we usually leave the Chennai around 4:45 AM and reach the spot by 5:30 ish !! Mahabalipu'






'p>Exotic Locations to Choose in Chennai for Your Pre-Wedding Photo- Shoot in Chennai

The location plays a vital role in the wedding photography. Today the pre-wedding Photo-shoot Chennai is becoming very popular that the couple prefers taking outdoor shots at various locations as a good'



'div>Want to make wedding day special? Take help of creative photography

Occasion are the most important part of anyone’s life as it is full will happiness, fun, excitement and joy. There are many things that you can do in parties so as to make them more memorable. Photograph'



'div>Know about the different Pre-wedding shoot ideas

In whole matrimonial process Pre-wedding shoot ideas holds a major importance among engaged couples. If you are also getting married then you should also look for the best Pre-wedding shoot ideas while the major requiremen'



'ake your wedding more beautiful with candid wedding VideographyIn India, wedding is just not an event it’s a celebration where two different families with different thoughts, rituals came together for giving blessing to wedding couple for their married life. There are several places in India w'



'div>Traditional Marriage Photographers in Chennai: gave a glorious touch to your wedding moments

In every individual life there are numerous occasions that bring out the best moments. Everybody needs a satisfactory album and framed images that should be captured by the profe'



'div>Make your special day memorable with the best photography

Photograph always have an important place in anyone’s life. They help you in reliving the old memory and whenever you will see the photograph all faded memories glow again. For some photographs are emotionally con'



'div>Importance of wedding choosing a right wedding package

Photographer is the heartbeat of every wedding in Indian wedding there importance is more as they not only have to cover the wedding but they also have to cover the rituals that has performed before the wedding. That'



'div>Are you camera conscious, but having wedding soon! Go for pre wedding shoot

Wedding is one of the most wonderful experiences of anyone’s life, especially if they are going to get married soon. After wedding you enter in new phase of your life where many new relations are'



'div>How to get the BEST wedding photos?

Smart Ideas for Great Wedding Photos – How to get Best Wedding Photos


Photography is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Unlike any other events or celebrations, the weddin'



'div>Tips for getting over Camera shyness

Get rid of Shyness – Tips for getting over Your Camera Shyness

A common hesitation that everyone experience during wedding photography is camera shyness. This is very obvious among all and especially with brid'



'div>All you need to know about wedding cinematographer

Wedding is the most colorful tradition of India in which two couples made a vow to be each other’s soul in every situation. Wedding not only comes close two people together but the both family came close with each other'


How To Get The BEST Wedding Photos

'ow to get the BEST wedding photos Smart Ideas for Great Wedding Photos How to get Best Wedding Photos Photography is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Unlike any other events or celebrations, the wedding has a special importance in everyone’s life. It is obvious that everyone wants to pres'


Save The Date Video Indian Wedding

'div>Best Ideas for Save the Date Video Indian Wedding - Smart Wedding Video Options

Gone are the days sending paper invitations to your guests, today people prefer some unique options according to the changing trend. The digitalization across the world has hugely supported t'


Indian Wedding Photography Packages

'div>Get Cheap But Best Quality Indian Wedding Photography Packages - Tips and Guide

Everyone seeks for best quality wedding photography. They never want to compromise on the quality in any aspect. However, at the same time, people also want the services at an affordable cost'


Tips For Getting Over Camera Shyness

'div>Tips for getting over Camera shyness

Get rid of Shyness - Tips for getting over Your Camera Shyness
A common hesitation that everyone experience during wedding photography is camera shyness. This is very obvious among all and especially with bride and groom when they tend to'


Whatsapp Wedding Video Invitation

'div>Whatsapp Wedding Video Invitation - An Advanced way of sending Your Wedding invitation 

Whatsapp wedding video invitation is a remarkable choice of inviting your guests and friends in a modern way. If you are seeking for an option to use the modern facilities in your wedding celeb'


Indian Wedding Films

'div>Tips for Cinematic Wedding Videos - How to Shoot Indian Wedding Films

Many young bride and groom will have a passion for making their wedding video with cinema impact. This is really exciting and an interesting choice too. Unlike the usual wedding video and photos, makin'


Looking Good On Your Big Day(S)

'div>Looking good on your Big day(s)

Tips to Look Good on Your Big Day - Make Your Celebration Awesome

Everyone would certainly want to look good on the special day of their life. Besides celebrating the special moments the wedding photography brings'


Cinematic Indian Wedding Video

'div>Cinematic Indian Wedding Video - A New and Trendy Choice of Wedding Video

Cinematic Indian wedding video is widely preferred by the groom and bride for their wedding photography. This type of video has a story to tell. They are very interesting and will be the most memor'


Candid Wedding Photography

'div>Choosing the Right Candid Wedding Photography - Tips for Best Candid Wedding Photography

The special day of life that everyone awaits is Wedding Day. There is no doubt that this day is going to bring the best moments of your life with your bride. However, capturing every'


How To Pose For Wedding Photos

'div>How to pose for Wedding photos

Beautiful and Great Pose for Wedding Photos - How to pose for Wedding Photos
When it comes to giving poses for photos people tend to give artificial smiles or do not smile or even become nervous that their expressions are not natu'


Indan Wedding Video Montage

'div>Indian wedding video montage

Ideas for best Indian Wedding Video Montage - Interesting Tips
Arranging a wedding is an exciting thing to do. It involves many factors in it; however, making it in an enjoyable manner is important. In this array, the Indian wedding'


Indian Wedding Music Video

'div>Creating a Perfect Indian Wedding Music Video - Guide for Selecting Playlist

Sound makes a video complete. Without sound, a video has no value. Especially, in the case of wedding video, music has got a major role to play. Music pulls the attention and involvement of the'


Pre Wedding Video Shoot In Chennai

'div>Is Pre Wedding Video Shoot in Chennai Really Important? Things to Know

The trend of wedding photography is gradually changing, which now emphasizes pre wedding video shoot. This is, in fact, a welcoming idea, which creates an opportunity for the bride and the groom to ge'


Pre Wedding Photography Chennai

'div>Things you should know about Pre Wedding Photography Chennai - Interesting Facts

Pre wedding photography Chennai is something interesting. This is also an absolutely exciting moment for the new couples going to get married. This pre wedding photography is very unique and'


Wedding Photography Trends In India



Good Chemistry Is A Must For Great Wedding Photos

'div>Good chemistry is a must for Great wedding photos

It is obvious for both the bride and groom get nervous during the wedding photography. One of the main reasons is the lack of chemistry they have with the photographer, as he is totally new to them and the photography too'


Poses For Couple Photo Shoots

'div>Awesome Poses for Couple Photo Shoots - Make Your Wedding Photography Unique 

Something that becomes important in a wedding photography is the poses. The first thing that a photographer wants to direct or convey the couples and guests is to give the poses as he wants it. However,'


Professional Photographers In Chennai

'div>Hiring Event Professional Photographers in Chennai - Professional Photography for All Events

Professional photographers in Chennai make all your events extremely memorable. No matter it is going to be a family get together or a grand wedding celebration, the Atlhea photo'


Pre-Wedding Shoot

'omantic and Awesome Ideas for Your Pre-wedding Shoot The pre-wedding shoot is an excellent idea to prepare for yourself get comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding. Moreover, this will also help you know about your photographer and share some best ideas to make wedding photography incred'






'nbsp; When South Meets North, its Bound to be BandBajaKalyanam

Boy and girl go to the US to do their Masters. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and decide to get married. Now we re sure you re wondering whats so new about this story, you have probably'



'b>The Ever-favoured Haldi Ceremony
Indian weddings are a grand affair. We re all aware of that and thanks to numerous Bollywood movies our wedding rituals are famous the world over. There are so many ceremonies and fun events before the D-Day that there s no dearth of'


Candid Wedding Photography Wedding Cinematography Chennai

'div>Have you wondered what is it that makes a wedding photography or wedding cinematography for that matter, stand out? Everybody has a simple way of looking at wedding photography as just clicking away as you see the events unfold in front of you.

But, is it that simple a j'


Professional wedding photographers Wedding Montage Video Chennai

'div>Why do people look for professional photographers for their wedding? Professional wedding photographers bring with them the knowledge gained from their experience by covering weddings from the past; so, how does the experience gained as professional wedding photographers help in our weddi'


How much does Candid Photography cost

'div>Candid photography, unlike the traditional wedding photography, does not record all the events that happen in an event. So, what is candid photography?

Candid photography is the art of finding the best shots, capturing emotions and special moments, as they happen. Anythi'


Top Wedding Photographers Chennai

'div>There is a question lingering in the minds of most of us, with respect to hiring wedding photographers in Chennai. Is it really necessary to get the top wedding photographers for the wedding coverage? What is it that they will do other than the regular set of photographers that I can get in my a'


Top Candid Wedding Photographers Chennai

'div>Are you looking for the best for your daughters wedding? Do you want your daughter to look her best in the most important day of her life? Do you want to get the best shots of your most precious gem on the D-Day? Then you have to hire only the top candid wedding Photographers in Chennai.


Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

'div>Candid wedding photography is the in thing now. We have seen a lot of brides and grooms and most of them, do not want to pose for their photos. Just it done candidly, I hear many say this; especially the grooms. So, this becomes a challenge. Because, the candid wedding photographers need to be o'


Top wedding Cinematographers India

'div>India is a country where weddings are an important event in any family. We spend a considerable amount of our life savings in conducting the wedding of our sons and daughters. And needless to say, we are inclined to hire the top wedding cinematographers for our wedding.



Best Wedding Cinematography Chennai

'div>You want the best things for your wedding, the best wedding decor, the best wedding catering and of course the best wedding cinematography Chennai has to offer. We will tell you how to choose the best of the last thing mentioned; yes, the best in wedding cinematography Chennai.


The Bliss of Church Wedding Photography

'span>Dont you agree that there is something ethereal about a white wedding? Every time we get a chance to capture one, we are really ecstatic. Maybe its that sense of being in the midst of divinity or the exquisite backdrop and ambience of piety, whatever it is, we love church weddings and some'


Wedding Photographs We Couldnt Help but Fall in Love With

'here are so many east meets west love stories nowadays that they all seem so cliched (from the outside). Believe us, every time we have been asked to document the wedding story for any of these one-of-a-kind weddings, we know that there s so much new to be found in each of them. Yes'


Best Church Wedding Photographers in Chennai

'div>Mine is a christian wedding. And I want to hire church wedding photographers for my wedding celebrations. So, how do I identify such photographers who can cover the church wedding perfectly? Lets break it down. I want to hire photographers. I want to hire wedding photographers. Not just any wedd'


couple shoot in mahabalipuram


Over the years, Mahabalipuram has emerged to be one of the most sought after wedding destinations especially in the south of India. The most picturesque shore temple tends to be the highlight of this destination among various other factors'

Photographers in Chennai

Work with the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Photography has become an integral part of wedding. Besides planning and preparing for the wedding over months, something that really makes it an ever memorable day is the photography. Wedding photography has a unique role to play in the celebration. It is not only about capturing the shots during the ceremony, but also impacting everyone taking part in the celebration including the newly wedded couple with special attention. There is no doubt that everyone becomes excited and happy during the photography. People absolutely forget their tiredness and smile bringing the entire energy and spirit of the celebration during photography. In this attribute, choosing the best wedding photographers in Chennai is very important. There are numbers of best wedding photographers in Chennai striving to provide competitive services but Althea with its energetic team towers over the rest.

Portfolio - We cover a wide range of portfolio of weddings and in line with current trends. You can get to know the experience of our team of photographers from our work.

Advanced Equipment: We are equipped with latest tools and equipment that are necessary for best photography that support outdoor and indoor shoots perfectly.

Budget: The selection of a service provider depends on the price. Remember, the cost of the package you choose should be affordable and reasonable. At the same time, the quality should also never be compromised for any reasons. This is where we provide the right blend

Creative Photography: We focus on taking creative shots than the regular and standard photos. The world is trending in every aspect. Besides spending money, people also look for a unique touch in the wedding photography, which not only makes it special but an ever memorable one too.

Unique Ideas: Our creative team is capable of giving you unique ideas to make your wedding photography awesome and at the same time welcome your ideas and advice to make it excellent.

With ample things to take into your consideration while choosing the best wedding photographers in Chennai, Atlhea is one of the renowned photographers with years of expertise in photography. There is no doubt that we can make your wedding photography beyond your expectations within your desired budget. We never compromise on quality, whilst ensuring a wonderful experience in both outdoor and indoor photography with your bride, family, friends, and guests. We assist in all types of wedding photography such as bridal portraits, pre-wedding shoots, candid wedding, couple portraits and more.